Alley survey planned in Royalton between Elm and Driftwood

By Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer


While planning ongoing sewer line maintenance and cleaning in Royalton, it was discovered that the alley between Elm and Driftwood Streets, and between North First and North Second Streets was populated with trees, fences, buildings and various other personal property items.

“Some of the old survey pins have been located, but not enough to determine the exact location of the alley,” said Planning and Zoning Commission Chair Tim Majaski. “We need to get it professionally surveyed so we have correct information to rely on.”

The Royalton City Council has authorized a survey of the 20-foot alley so that property lines will be accurately established and recorded.

“We have to be able to clean out and video the sewer line in that alley,” said Mayor Andrea Lauer. “The maintenance department checks out sewer lines throughout the city as part of an ongoing project to make sure things are OK.”

“Each year approximately 5,000 feet is cleaned out,” said Public Works Supervisor Lee Popp. “We’ve been doing that for about five years now.”

Paperwork has been prepared to hire a surveyor and the job will likely be done in spring 2013.

“The city needs to have full access to the alley,” Lauer said.