Election is over; time for governing

To the Editor:

Now that elections are over, it’s time to assess and to pray — first, for President Obama, who is facing challenges as huge as those of his first term. And for both parties, that they resolve differences and work in a bipartisan manner for the common  good.

Wise words to ponder: “We can have a vast rift between the rich and the poor, or we can have a democracy. We cannot have both.” Now may be an auspicious time to appeal to the rich to share their wealth (a gift not everyone has) to come to the aid of their country.

Some emergencies that need support: to evade the “fiscal cliff” that is threatening; to find ways of creating jobs for the millions of our fellow Americans who are unemployed; and to supply funds for the sustainability of the earth.

We know of many examples of the wealthy, such as the Gates Foundation, helping alleviate world problems. Perhaps more of the wealthy could join these generous pioneers in supporting emergencies, including those “here at home.” — Sr. Ruth Lentner, Little Falls