Linden Hill Christmas was great experience

To the Editor:

My visit to the mansions at Linden Hill this year was a wonderful experience. Each room was decorated to a different theme yet in the spirit of Christmas.

Having visited at different times in the mansions throughout the years, I felt that this year was being transposed back to the era of the 1890s. What a beautiful experience to walk from room to room and experience the theme while getting questions answered about the history of the families who built and lived in Little Falls.

After spending the afternoon in the music room with live musicians, I can only think of Laura Jane Musser, and how she would have felt with the whole house alive — the sounds of Christmas music, apple cider scents throughout the house, beautiful trees, candles and lights within, and the sharing of all the artifacts of the gay ‘90s all in one home. The handmade furniture of the times along with the architectural details of the home only added to the charm of the era. One would have to be very pleased.

Credit and appreciation is well due to the committee and all the volunteers who made it such a wonderful experience back in time to the 1890s.  — Paulette Yorek, Little Falls