Bible says ‘tithe’ not give up everything

To the Editor:

You can read 100 books by 100 authors that talk about the  Bible, but you are never going to know for sure what the Bible says until you read it yourself. You can quote other people who have said something wise but if you want true wisdom, it comes from God. Anyone can pick out scriptures and quote them in a way that is advantageous to them. Read the ‘’whole’’ book.

God does not expect people who are rich to give away everything they have. The Bible says to tithe, which means one-tenth of your income. It’s OK to be rich.  They worked hard to get there.

Some are less fortunate but that doesn’t mean those with more money give away all they have. Then they would also be the less fortunate. What sense would that make? Hopefully they give what the Bible asks for—one-tenth.

Perhaps last week’s guest columnist would like to take down all those signs in her yard and put up a “For Sale” sign and give all the proceeds to the poor. But where would that leave her? Homeless. So what sense does that make?

I keep saying it — “Read the Book.” — Kim Slater, Little Falls