Conservative views are not unChristian

To the Editor:

A recent guest editorial “Modern Christianity has lost its way” had it all wrong. To begin with, social entitlement programs like Social Security, Aid to Dependent Children and welfare are not what made America great.

What made America great was a constitutional republic which promised the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and gave people the freedom to pursue them through their own ingenuity, ambition and hard work.

It is entitlements that have brought us to the “fiscal cliff” we are on.

True Christian charity does not entail confiscatory and punitive tax rates which the Tea Party opposes. True charity is embodied in the person who put $1,100 in a Salvation Army kettle in St Cloud recently. It is embodied in Mitt Romney who gave over $3 million to charity last year but only claimed a portion of it on his taxes. Contrast that to Bill Clinton who donated his underwear to charity and then took a deduction for them.

Punitive tax rates are not charity; they are socialism and communism and to suggest that Conservative opposition to them is unChristian is sacrilegious and anyone who thinks so should be ashamed of themselves. — Aleta Edin, Burtrum