Dayton’s panel would double gas tax

To the Editor:

One letter about the Voter ID and the Marriage amendments said, “That if you voted in the General Election and did not vote on these two amendments it went as a “no” vote. Would the outcome been different if it counted as a “yes” vote?

Governor Mark Dayton’s own transportation advisory panel called for a higher state gas tax and other fees to raise $50 billion.

The group recommended two ways to raise $15.2 billion through a higher gas tax, an upfront hike of 10 cents per gallon followed by an annual 1.5 cent increase for 19 years or a series of 3.5 cent increases for five years with 1.5 cent increases for 15 years afterward.

Our current state gas tax is at 28.5 cents a gallon. After 20 years, the state gas tax would be 57 cents a gallon. Also, (the panel would raise) vehicle license tab fees roughly 10 percent.

As of now, the House, Senate and governor are all Democrats. On the bright side, depression is covered by Obamacare. — Florian Kedrowski, Little Falls