LF residents may have a bag problem

To the Editor:

I’m not a complainer but I need to express my frustration. I used my last blue garbage bags Sunday, Dec. 1. I was so happy to purchase a new supply Monday, as I don’t like garbage collecting in my house.

When I attempted to use one of the new bags I was mortified that the bag did not fit my garbage can. I called City Hall and was informed that the previous bags were the wrong size and that the present bags were the correct size. OK, I can adapt.

Tuesday, I went to four different stores in town to purchase a garbage can that would accommodate the new bag size. Not one place had a can that would fit the new blue bag that I’m now supposed to use for garbage collection.

I called a city council representative who contacted the city on my behalf. Work is still in progress, as the personnel at City Hall said the problem was not theirs. Not their problem? Give me a break. I want a can to hold my garbage between pick-ups.

I hope others will voice their dissatisfaction also. — MaryUhlhorn, Little Falls