A dog’s tale of pain, sadness

To the Editor:

My family was so happy. I remember hearing my master’s bus bringing him home. My tail would wag, he’d open the door, and I’d jump upon him. He’s such a nice master and took such good care of me. Oh, happy days.

Now, I barely raise my head when I hear the rumble of Master’s bus. It started when Master let me out.

I ran to my favorite spot in our yard. Suddenly, bang, I lay stunned, then I was hit again and again by a mean man lifting me by my back legs. My master saved me from the beating, cradling me in his arms. Then the man came back, swinging a tire at Master, but hit my face instead with the shiny wheel. Now I just lay in my bed.

After Master’s papa came home, the mean man started waving a gun. Papa called the police who told him, “Don’t push it,” threatening to arrest Papa instead. Papa says they may euthanize me. I think it’s medicine for my sad eyes.

It’s a sad day in Randall, when animals are treated so inhumanely, and no one will help.  — Ken Swanson, Randall