Correction made to 2004 Record article

To the Editor:

Regarding an article written in the Record, 2004, titled “Couple move to Little Falls — and into a church.” First, the reporter did a wonderful job. Those who know me know I talk a lot and tend to talk fast. The reporter asked at one point if I could talk a little slower … I’d like to make one correction though. In the article, it says, “… God put this church here for us!” I never said this.

I was telling the reporter about all the “signs” I’d gotten since looking at a property here in Little Falls. “Signs” that were all pointing to this church. What I did say is, “…It’s like God led us to this church…” like him saying, “This is where you’re needed.”

Also, I know this matters to no one; they’ve lined the bird cage or wrapped their garbage and tossed it out … long ago. It matters to me, though.

The article sits in a drawer seldom opened, rarely comes to mind, but the few times it has, I know I had to write a correction follow-up piece —if only for me. Thank you and Merry Christmas. — Robin Johnson, Little Falls