Everybody has a breaking point

To the Editor:

When tragedies happen, it’s easy to blame it on mental illness, parenting or religion. Most individuals with a mental illness aren’t dangerous.

Many people have stressors, job cuts, losing their home, financial problems, etc. When these stressors build up, it could lead anyone to lose it. I believe everyone has a breaking point, no matter what the issue is. Most people will do anything to get what they need or want when they feel they’re backed into a corner with nowhere to turn and who knows what they could do. No matter what the reason is, why are programs being cut where people may need help?

So, you could say it’s the way a person’s raised, mental illness, or religion, you could have had the best upbringing, no mental illness and religion and still “lose it.” So, how can we as a community and country help reduce some of these stressors or make sure people are getting help when they need it no matter what that help is?

Maybe the country needs to spend more time adjusting the budget and putting it where people really need it. Like schools/security, mental health services, parenting education, law enforcement, etc. — Carren Miller, Little Falls