Killings about more than mental health

To the Editor:

I’m writing this because of recent events — the murders of those innocent children and the teachers.

The whole nation, at least many in the nation, thinks the man who did that, did it because he had mental health issues. That is a copout, a way

to try to explain what he did, and why.

But when it comes down to it, it is just not true. He killed his mother first. The report said that his mother was rigid. He had issues with his mother and took it out on her students.

It was wrong, but it still had nothing to do with mental health. He felt his mom paid more attention to the students than him, and he hated her and the students for that.

Why he resorted to what he did, only he will know. It is nothing to do with mental health and all to do with his own choices. Millions of people have mental health issues. One in two people suffer from a serious mental illness. One in four knows someone with a serious mental illness. To say that he did that because he had a mental illness is wrong and stereotyping the rest of us. — Dustin Patrick, Little Falls