Call the sheriff’s office before burning brush

Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel is asking all county residents to call his office prior to burning brush piles this winter.

“Minnesota law allows people to burn brush piles without a permit when an unbroken blanket of snow 3-inches thick covers the area around the fire,” said Wetzel. “Without the permit however, the Sheriff’s Office has no idea when and where people might be burning. Passing motorists or neighbors frequently call to report the fires as structure fires. Without knowing in advance that a brush fire was going to be lit, we have no choice but to dispatch deputies and/or fire trucks.”

Wetzel said this not only costs the taxpayers extra money, “But also puts lives at unnecessary risk during the emergency response. A simple phone call to my office prior to burning a brush pile can avoid all of that.”

To report burning a brush pile, call the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office at (320) 632-9233.