All 98 listed on Predatory Offender Registry in Morrison County in compliance

A total of 98 Morrison County residents are listed on the Predatory Offender Registry. The Morrison County Sheriff’s Office, along with the police departments in Little Falls, Royalton, Pierz, Randall and Motley, recently completed the Predatory Offender Registry verifications for Morrison County.

Each year the sheriff’s office and local police departments personally visit and check on each person listed on the Predatory Offender Registry, said Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel.

“The purpose of these visits is to ensure that all people listed on the registry are compliant and that they are aware that law enforcement still has them on the radar screen,” he said.

Of the 98 on the Predatory Offender Registry, 30 are level I, seven are level II, and two are level III. Fifty-nine people on the registry do not have a risk level assigned.

Risk levels are determined by the Department of Corrections prior to the person being released from prison. Of the 98 verification checks completed, officers found no offenders to be out of compliance. Level I offenders, along with those without a level assigned are checked once annually. Level II offenders are checked twice per year, while level III offenders are checked four times per year.

“While our compliance checks are extremely important, they do not provide absolute assurance that a person will not be the victim of a sex crime,” said Wetzel. “Each of us needs to take the steps necessary to remain aware of our surroundings and protect ourselves at all times.”