No one knows what Obama’s plan is

To the Editor:

The Dec. 19 letter to the editor, “GOP needs serious plan for economy,” says Obama has “put forward a serious plan to reduce our deficit and provide middle class families with the economic certainty they are asking for.”

This is not true and full of misinformation and hyperbole.

The letter did not include Obama’s plan, nor even a single part of Obama’s plan, because no one has any idea what Obama’s plan is.

Obama started by saying he wanted the top 20 percent of income earners to pay $800 billion in new taxes. When the Republicans agreed to give him the $800 billion by reducing tax loopholes for the wealthy, as recommended by Obama’s deficit commission, Obama refused. Why?

Recently Obama raised the ante to $1.6 trillion. Is Obama’s plan a never-ending Christmas list? Maybe we could look at Obama’s last budget to see what his plan is. Wow, not a single Democrat voted for Obama’s plan.

Most important of all, the letter said Obama’s plan would reduce our deficit. Obama is now asking for authority to raise the debt ceiling without congressional approval.

Does anyone really believe that will reduce the deficit? — Thomas E. Paulson, Little Falls