Couple on meth arrested for stealing from Walmart

A woman from St. Cloud and a man from Turtle  Lake, Wis., were arrested Monday, for stealing more than $1,000 of merchandise from Walmart in Little Falls.

Bobbi Dawn Tyra, 25,  and Michael Anthony Denucci II, 20, were charged with felony theft Wednesday, by Morrison County Attorney Brian Middendorf and his staff.

On Monday, Walmart in Little Falls reported an attempt to steal merchandise, and a loss prevention officer followed Denucci out of the store and confronted him. The criminal complaint said Denucci dropped the merchandise in the parking lot, jumped into a black Nissan Maxima, which then sped away onto Highway 10.

The vehicle was stopped by a Morrison County Sheriff’s deputy on Highway 10. The complaint said that during an inventory search of the vehicle, an officer discovered a white plastic bag in the trunk of the vehicle, containing a surveillance camera system and video game.

The suspects were taken back to the Walmart store, where they were identified by the loss prevention officer.

During a taped statement, both Denucci and Tyra admitted to using methamphetamine during the day, the complaint said.

Denucci told officers he stayed with Tyra from time to time because he didn’t have a place to live and said he steals things from Walmart stores in Little Falls, St. Cloud and Sartell, and others, to get by.

Denucci allegedly admitted to attempting to steal from the store twice during that day, first stealing a security camera and video game located in the trunk of the vehicle, and later the other items he dropped in the parking lot.

Tyra allegedly admitted that when she drove Denucci to the store the first time, she knew he left with merchandise and failed to pay. She said the second time she drove him to the store, she told him not to steal any more merchandise.

Denucci allegedly told officers Tyra gave him a list of items to get in the store and knew he wasn’t going to pay for them.

Items taken included a security camera and video game found in the trunk, valued at $428.96. Items stolen the second time, but dropped in the parking lot, were valued at $612.99. The total value of stolen merchandise was $1,041.95.

If found guilty, each faces a maximum of five year imprisonment and/or a $10,000 fine.