Jackson convicted for assaulting a peace officer

Connie Lynn Jackson of Little Falls was convicted Jan. 2, for felony fourth degree assault of a peace officer and misdemeanor DWI.

Jackson, 43, who lived in Isle in March 2012, was arrested after being stopped by a Minnesota State Highway trooper, because she was driving with no headlights on, but had marker lights and hazard lights flashing.

When the trooper stopped her in Little Falls, Jackson’s eyes were bloodshot and she said she was being chased. Jackson resisted arrest when the trooper began a pat-down.

Jackson attempted to run away, was tasered and attempted to grab the trooper’s firearm before she was subdued and taken to the hospital. In the hospital, Jackson tested positive for methamphetamine use.

Jackson was sentenced to 90 days and given credit for 65 days she served.

She will have supervised probation for five years and faces a 12 month prison sentence if probation is not met.

Dismissed were a felony for disarming a peace officer; a gross misdemeanor for interfering with a peace officer and a misdemeanor for damage to property.