Little Falls Police Department

Jan. 2 — A dark grey plastic 20-inch by 8-inch by 10-inch tool box with a clear plastic lid and an acetylene torch with the tank were stolen from a work vehicle while it was parked on Second Street Northeast. The tool box contained items related to servicing oil furnaces including a draft gauge and smoke tester. Value of the property stolen is estimated at $839.68.

Jan. 3 — Four extension cords were stolen from the rear of the Little Falls Post Office. Value of the cords was estimated at $100.

Jan. 3 — A resident on Broadway West reported a theft.

Jan. 4 — Extension cords were stolen from a property on Fourth Street Southwest.

Jan. 4 — Two extension cords, one a 50-foot blue cord and the other a 100-foot blue cord, and a Black and Decker heat gun were stolen from a property on First Street Southeast. Items are valued at $150.

Jan. 4 — A resident on First Avenue Southeast reported damage had been done to their property.

Jan. 4 — A church on Fourth Street Southeast reported an envelope containing classroom keys had been stolen.

Jan. 6 — Two extension cords on Burlington Northern property on First Street Northwest were cut with one part being stolen. The cords were valued between $60 – $100.

Jan. 8 — A business on First Avenue Northeast reported someone pumped $30.02 worth of gasoline and drove off without paying.