New Morrison County officials sworn in and on the job

by Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer

Eileen Holtberg, appointed to serve the remainder of retired County Recorder Bunny Johnston’s term, was sworn in at Tuesday’s meeting of the County Board.
“It’s a great honor for me, to be appointed to fill Bunny Johnston’s term,” Holtberg said. “I have worked in the Recorder’s office for more than 22 years and have always enjoyed the various aspects and duties of my job. I look forward to the new challenges and responsibilities.”
New County Commissioners Kevin Maurer, District 1; Jeff Jelinski, District 2; and Randy Winscher, District 3 were also sworn in.
The commissioners elected Duane Johnson as the new county board chair, and Jeff Jelinski as the vice-chair.
“I’m very much looking forward to it; it will be a fun challenge, because of my background working with people,” said Maurer. “I know it’s where I belong, working with residents and addressing their issues. The relationships established working for the county for 14 years are so important.”
“I’m very excited and honored to be a new commissioner, and am looking forward to working with the County Board,” said Jelinski. “I want to stay informed and keep an open forum of communication with the Board, the residents of District 2 and all of Morrison County.”
“It has been a joy to meet so many staff and citizens, as I come to realize what a wealth of knowledge there is throughout our county,” said Winscher. “I look forward to getting to know everyone better as I begin my journey as a new commissioner.”
Maurer can be reached at (218) 839-9818 or [email protected]
Jelinski can be reached at (320) 632-3435 or [email protected]
Winscher can be reached at (320) 584-5671 or [email protected]
District 4 Commissioner Don Meyer can be reached at (320) 468-6096.
District 5 Commissioner Johnson can be reached at (320) 547-2408 or [email protected]


Other business that came before the County Board Tuesday included:
• Approving the annual resolutions and appointments, which included the travel policy, committee attendance payment for citizens, public meeting notice, citizen and staff committee appointments and county board appointments;
• Approving by a 3-2 vote, the Sheriff’s Department request to fill the position vacated by Jeff Jelinski at a grade 24, rather than the grade 25 that was proposed, and being able to fill any vacancies which might arise from an internal hiring. “Since some of this position’s time will be spent in dispatch, which is a grade 21 job, I’d like to see this position stay at grade 24,” said Commissioner Kevin Maurer. Commmissioners Duane Johnson and Don Meyer voted no, saying “The company that did the market survey recommended this position be grade 25, and we want to do what they recommend;”
• Hearing a report from Social Services Supervisor Brad Vold regarding the health-related transportation needs of Morrison County residents. “We try to make the most frugal ride possible, that makes the most sense for each client,” Vold said. “Of the $153,000 that was paid in 2012 for drives and administration for drives, $147,000 was reimbursed;”
• Listening to a report by Carol Anderson of Morrison County Community Development describing three loans recently approved for area businesses: D and C Awning which moved from Royalton to the old Crestliner building in Little Falls, Ridgeline Manufacturing in Royalton and The AT Black and White in Little Falls;
• Accepting a bid from the Morrison County Record to provide legal printing for the County at $.79 line rate and display ad rate of $6.59 per column inch;
• Approving an exempt permit for the Immaculate Mary of Gilman Knights of Columbus event at St. Joseph Parish Hall in Morrill Feb. 9; and
• Approving the County Board reimbursement resolution.
The next meeting of the Morrison County Commissioners will be a planning meeting Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 8:30 a.m. in the Board Room of the County Government Center.