Jason Dominguez guilty on all seven counts

Jason Ray Dominguez
Jason Ray Dominguez

Jason Dominguez, 37, Hutchinson, was unanimously found guilty by a jury of his peers of:

Count 1: First degree premeditated murder.

Count 2: First degree murder while committing burglary

Count 3: First degree murder while committing arson;

Count 4: First degree murder while commintting aggravated robbery;

Count 5: Second degree murder, an intentional murder without premeditation;

Count 6: Second degree murder while committing assault.

Count 7: Being an ineligible person in possession of a pistol.

Dominguez was charged Oct. 3, 2011, with second degree murder of Little Falls resident Dustin Joseph Brown, 30. In December 2011, a Morrison County Grand Jury, finding sufficient evidence, indicted him on four counts of first degree murder and two counts of second degree murder.  Dominguez was also charged with being in possession of a pistol by a prohibited person.

The trial began Jan. 11, broke for the weekend, and closing arguments were given by the prosecution Thursday afternoon. During the trial, 38 witnesses were called.

Judge Douglas Anderson sentenced Dominguez to life in prison for the first count of first degree premeditated murder and 60 months in prison for the seventh count of possession of a pistol by an ineligible person. The two sentences will be served concurrently.