Felony burglary charges brought against Little Falls man

A Little Falls man was charged Jan. 14, in Morrison County with felony first degree burglary, for entering an occupied building without consent with the intent to commit a crime.

Edward John Lapenotiere Jr. was arrested following a Jan. 12 incident at an apartment in Little Falls, during which an assault allegedly occurred.

The criminal complaint said the victim reported being at home when Lapenotiere, 20, and another man, Jason Denton, entered, stating they had unfinished business with the victim’s brother. The victim said during her attempt to dial 911, Denton began choking her and throwing her around the room.

In an interview with a witness present during the incident, the witness’ story closely matched that of the victim. The witness allegedly said Lapenotiere was standing behind her and holding her hips to prevent her from helping the victim.

When Lapenotiere was located at his residence, he was arrested and gave a taped statement to officers.

Lapenotiere allegedly said he was upset that the occupants of the apartment were telling people he was selling heroin and he went there to confront them. Lapenotiere said it was a coincidence that Denton showed up at the same time, for the same reason.

Lapenotiere allegedly said Denton knocked on the door and plowed his way inside and confirmed the assault on the victim. He said he stuck his arm out to prevent the witness from helping the victim, but denied he ever grabbed the witness. Lapenotiere also said he grabbed Denton and told him to go.

A charge of felony first degree burglary of an occupied dwelling without consent, either directly or as an accomplice, carries a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment and/or a $35,000 fine.