CRVST to concentrate on leg from Soo Line to Little Falls

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

Sue Roberts of Randall told the City Council the first leg of the Camp Ripley Veterans State Trail (CRVST) would likely be from the Soo Line Trail in Royalton northward to Little Falls

It was decided during the CRVST meeting that the immediate plan would be to connect the Soo Line Trail to Little Falls then allow other Morrison County towns to confirm their individual plans to extend the trail to their communities.

In a letter to the Council, Roberts said the CRVST committee voted to lobby the Legislature for money to build that segment of the trail first. While Randall attendees to the monthly meetings have been told the least expensive area to build a new trail would be on the west side of Camp Ripley from Little Falls to the Pillager area, there is no other trail to connect it to along the way.

Without a trail to connect to, the area west of Camp Ripley is not going to be a priority, Roberts said.

City Manager Jerry Peterschick said that Camp Ripley is willing to work with Randall and allow a trail to be built on the west side of their property, which extends from  just east of the town northward to Pillager. That leaves negotiations with landowners out of the equation.

But, the consensus of the committee was to start at the Soo Line and work northward.

“It is easier to build from the Soo Line Trail than to build a piece in the middle without a connection to anything,” said Peterschick. He said it will be at least two years before the money from the Legacy Fund is available.

“First we need a design and estimates of the cost before we can apply for Legacy funds,” he said.

Eventually the first leg of the newly formed CRVST will connect to the Paul Bunyan Trail in Brainerd.

Bob Reinitz, chairman of the CRVST committee, said the legislature will give money quicker for trails which connect to an existing trail.

“The other communities understand that we need to get this started, then future money will be easier to get,” he said.

Roberts, who has attended the CRVST meetings for two years, said she doesn’t know how long it will be before the trail will go along the west side of Camp Ripley.

But, the city of Randall is planning to be ready for the Trail as it sets aside $250 monthly for the project.

Randall City Council briefs

Other business before the Randall City Council  Jan. 16, included:

• Learning Morrison County would be designated a Yellow Ribbon County and a ceremony is being planned for the upcoming Morrison County Fair;

• Learning a raffle, put on by the Quality of Life Task Force, will be held to raise funds for a disc golf course in Bingo Park;

• Scheduling the second annual Treasure Day for Saturday, May 4, and the annual clean-up day for Saturday, May 11;

• Agreeing on a contract with Greater Minnesota Gas Company Inc. after both a site plan and certification of insurance has been submitted. The contract states the city will not be responsible for any costs incurred with the lease of Randall’s border station to the company and that the company will pay the city a $7,500 lease per year;

• Qualifying that the increase of $10 for the Councilmen’s wages would not be in effect until 2015. The mayor will receive $105, the clerk $100 and the councilmen $95 for regular Council meetings. For special meetings, each will receive $65; and

• Voting to allow Lee Bollig to install new siding, windows and doors on his home.

The next City Council meeting will be held at the Randall Fire Hall Wednesday, Feb. 20, at 7 p.m.