Is the DFL really for helping farmers?  

To the Editor:

In this legislative session, the Ag Finance committee was moved from Agriculture Policy (where it has been) to environmental and natural resources. The House Republicans tried to move it back into agriculture, but were stopped by a straight party line vote where no rural DFL representatives voted for the return move.

What government programs really help our area farmers? The current national administration is seriously considering proposals that would tax methane produced by cattle, financially fine farmers for field dust that occurs during plowing, planting and harvesting, and prevent children of farm families from helping with chores until they are 18 years old.

The Ag Policy Committee is chaired by Rep. Jeanne Poppe (DFL), and she is from a rural district. Our Representative Ron Kresha knows that rural legislators can best represent the agriculture community. He would like to have Ag Finance back with Ag Policy because the two coincide with each other. Isn’t that obvious? There is nothing partisan about that. — Patty Wilczek, Little Falls, Morrison County Republican Party chair