Attack on Kresha was childish

To the Editor:

Last week’s guest editorial should be an embarrassment because of the childish accusation lobbed against Rep. Kresha. Our representative has every right and responsibility to speak out for what he believes is best for us, the agricultural area he represents.

The immature and senseless attack on Kresha for siding with rural Minnesota was reminiscent of partisan-accusatory attacks on Chip Cravaack — before he was even sworn in.

Anyone who’s lived in rural Minnesota knows an “us” versus “them” (rural vs. metro) mindset exists.

Metro people and country folk live different lifestyles; the looming gun debate is an example.

I am proud Rep. Kresha is willing to stand for the rural, agricultural area he represents. His taking issue with Rep. Wagenius, a metropolitan representative, chairing Minnesota’s agricultural committee has nothing to do with “not crossing the aisle;” it has everything to do with having a spine and a moral compass.

Funny how any time a conservative stands up for what he believes is right, the local Michael Moores pop out of the woodwork claiming “partisanship.”

Minnesota’s farming families make us rural folks proud. They deserve a representative who isn’t afraid to stand up for them at their state capitol. — Becky Olson, Little Falls