Republicans attack, then blame DFL

To the Editor:

Sometimes the low public opinion of politicians is well-deserved.

During every campaign, candidates promise us they’ll serve all the people, not their party or special interest groups. We heard those promises loud and clear from local Republicans Ron Kresha and Paul Gazelka.

The campaign is over now. In the very first week of the new legislative session, the Republicans, on a 100 percent party-line vote, tried to take control of the ag finance committee away from Chair Jean Wagenius. Why? Because she’s metro.

Not one bill had come to her committee yet, not one witness had appeared there. Do the Republicans have a crystal ball that told them Wagenius wouldn’t do what’s best for agriculture? No. What they have is a political machine that’s won many elections in rural Minnesota by scaring rural voters away from the DFL.

In the very first week of the session, Republicans cranked up that old machine again with their partisan attack on Wagenius. Instead of working across party lines like they promised, they attacked.

Their next step will be local Republican letters blaming Democrats for attacking, even though the unjustified attacks on Wagenius by Kresha and the Republicans started everything.

That’s what Republicans do. — Gary Gannon, Randall