Royalton utility fees increase

by Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer


Royalton’s City Council authorized the increase of some of the fees charged for garbage and recycling services, and water and sewer service in the city, effective Jan. 9.

The following increases  were made to garbage and recycling services: green bag service increased from $11.83 to $11.87; 32-gallon cart from $18.72 to $18.86; 64-gallon cart from $19.87 to $20.03 and 96-gallon cart from $21.74 to $21.97.

The base fee for monthly water service, up to 2,500 gallons, has increased one dollar per month to $19.50. The base sewer fee has also increased one dollar per month to $31.50.

Hooking up water service for new residential construction is now $1,750, an increase of $250 over 2012. Sewer service for new construction is $3,400, $100 more than last year.

New categories have been established for multi-residential new construction. The fee for new water service is $1,400 per housing unit for water, which is 80 percent of the  cost of new residential service of $1,750. The sewer cost is $2,720, which is 80 percent of the total per-unit fee.

“We try to keep any increases to a minimum. The water and sewer funds need to be self sufficient, so the increases in those fees are usually because of the cost of living. Prices increase on all supplies,” said Royalton City Clerk Carol Madsen. “As far as the garbage/recycling fee increase, we only pass along the increase, if any, from the haulers. Occasionally, we need to increase the administrative fee to cover the cost of postage and printing of the water bills.”