Nordic Skiing: Little Falls girls capture Granite Ridge championship

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Senior Mattia Hendrickson and junior Maria Hauer earned individual titles to lead the Little Falls girls Nordic ski team to the Granite Ridge Conference (GRC) championship at St. Cloud, Tuesday.

In the boys race, Little Falls finished just two points behind Mora to earn second place, with junior Mathew Massmann earning an individual championship.


Girls race

Hendrickson took first in the 5K skate in 15:12 and fourth in the 1K sprint (2:47.22), while Hauer earned first in the 1K sprint (2:35.5) and second in the 5K classic (17:39).

Senior Chelsea Rutz finished as the runner-up in the 5K skate (15:15) and 1K sprint (2:36.07) to also earn All-GRC honors, while junior Kaitlin Geisenhof took fourth in the 5K classic (18:36) and eighth-grader Kendal Hendrickson took fifth in the 5K skate (16:16) to receive All-GRC honorable mention recognition.


Boys race

Massmann sped to first in the 5K skate in 13:57 and took fifth in the 1K sprint (2:30.76) to pace the Flyers, while junior John Gottwalt captured All-GRC honors by placing second in the 5K classic (15:12) and third in the 1K sprint (2:19.58).

Senior Brian McNamara took third in the 5K classic (15:59) and freshman Gunner Kleinschmidt placed third in the 5K skate (14:44) to also take home All-GRC awards.

Senior Isaiah Korver taking fourth in the 5K classic (15:59) and 1K sprint (2:27.69) to receive All-GRC honorable mention.


Granite Ridge Conference meet

Girls team—1. Little Falls, 595; 2. Mora, 581; 3. St. Cloud Cathedral, 580.

5K Skate—1. Mattia Hendrickson, 15:12; 2. Chelsea Rutz, 15:15; 5. Kendal Hendrickson, 16:16; 7. Claire Gammon-Deering, 16:43; 8. Amelia Kresha, 16:58.

5K Classic—2. Maria Hauer, 17:39; 4. Kaitlin Geisenhof, 18:36.

1K Sprint—1. Hauer; 2. Rutz; 5. Mattia Hendrickson.

Boys team—1. Mora, 592; 2. Little Falls, 590; 3. St. Cloud Cathedral, 573.

5K Skate—1. Mathew Massmann, 13:57; 3. Gunner Kleinschmidt, 14:44; 6. Michael Carll, 15:39; 7. Ethan Crocker, 15:47.

5K Classic—2. John Gottwalt, 15:12; 3. Brian McNamara, 15:59; 4. Isaiah Korver, 16:33; 5. Nathaniel Warnke, 17:35.

1K Sprint—3. Gottwalt; 6. Massmann; 7. McNamara.