Pierz firefighters respond to two calls over weekend

Pierz firefighters were called to a car fire near the Schoenes Apartments across the street from the Pierz Fire Hall Friday, Feb. 1, about 10:30 a.m.

Sixteen firefighters found the vehicle fully engulfed by flames and that the flames had started on the exterior of the apartment building.

Pierz Fire Chief Brian Boser said the firefighters were able to put the fire out before any significant damage was done to the apartments.

No one was hurt. “We were very lucky with apartment building, could have been a lot worse in a short amount of time,” said Boser. He said the damage on the apartment building occurred on the apartment of the vehicle owner. He was outside and no one was home in the apartment above.

Saturday, Feb. 2, nine firefighters responded to the report of a fire near Ranch Road in Hillman, when a passer-by called 911. The fire turned out to be a controlled burn by the homeowner and the call was cancelled.

Boser said firefighters treat every call as an emergency even when they turn out to be a controlled burn. “Can’t treat it as a brush fire, in case it turned out to be a structure,” he said.