God still loves us when we jump on thin ice

By Jon Adams
Living Hope Church

For a while my family and I lived on an old farmstead on the Mississippi River in Royalton. One nice winter day we decided to explore along the river’s edge. The river was flowing rapidly and was wide open but the edges along the rocky bank had a thin layer of ice a few inches thick.
I wanted to see what the river bottom looked like, so I very carefully ventured out to the edge. It appeared to be about two feet deep where I was looking down at the river bottom.
My wife Kati began to walk out toward me.
I said, “Do not come out here, this ice is too thin.”
Kati said, “Whatsa the matter, you chicken?”
I said I was, and hurriedly got off the ice, back onto the bank.
Kati decided to make fun of my being chicken and started jumping up and down and repeatedly calling out, “Whatsa  matter, you chicken?”
You guessed it, the ice broke and in she went. Even though it was only a couple of feet deep, she slid sideways and fell in the cold water, up to her neck.
What would you do?
Of course the first thing I did was help her out and asked if she was OK.
Did I laugh? No way. When you are in love, it is sometimes better to be silent.
We walked back to the house which was a quarter mile away. She was very cold and jumped into a hot bath where she stayed for a long while.
When she was warm, did I remind her that she was making fun of me and calling me chicken when all this happened? Did I then laugh? You bet. And now she was also able to laugh. It would not have been wise for me to laugh too soon.
Even though we know God loves us there are times when we push the boundaries. We jump on thin ice and play chicken with things we know are sin, wrong or not good for us. Even though we sometimes slip and we know it is our own fault, he does not laugh or make fun.
Well, I do believe he laughs at some of the things we do.
He accepts us and forgives. He is a loving God. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son …
Valentine’s Day is about love. Remember God is love. Do something nice for your sweetheart and then take time to pray and thank God for each other and all the good things God has done for you.