Baumer convicted of felony possession of drugs

Jason Paul Baumer, 26, Foley, was convicted in Morrison County District Court with one felony count of fifth degree possession of drugs.

On May 3, 2012, a search warrant was issued for a residence on 330th Avenue in Morrison County. Sheriff’s deputies entered the residence  and located several drug related items and items which may have been stolen.

Baumer was located and arrested for possession of methamphetamines which were found in his bedroom. He also admitted he was in possession of a trailer found on the property, valued at more than $1,000, which had been stolen from Benton County.

Baumer was sentenced to 15 months in prison, stayed for five years and given 30 days in jail. He was fined $135 and placed on probation for five years.

A felony charge of receiving stolen property was dismissed due to his pleading guilty to a felony drug charge instead.