Due to legal technicality, predatory offender has charges dismissed

Christopher Bernard Kleve had one count of being a predatory offender and knowingly violating the registration requirements dismissed in Morrison County District Court Feb. 5.

On June 28, 2012, Kleve was released from custody in Todd County on a pre-trial release. He was ordered to follow all the conditions of release which included registering as a predatory offender. According to the criminal complaint, he had told Todd County officials he would be living on 330th Street, south of Motley.

On July 18, Kleve called the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office on an unrelated incident and told the dispatcher he was living in a motel in Lincoln.

Deputies could not find verification that Kleve had filed a change of address with the sheriff’s office. They contacted a resident at the previous Motley address and was told Kleve no longer lived there.

The charge was dismissed due to a legal technicality, said Assistant County Attorney Todd Kosovich. His plans are to recharge Kleve.