Tuxedo Taxi now available in Little Falls, 24/7

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

Tuxedo Taxi is now doing business in Little Falls. The company has operated in St. Cloud for four years, running three vans for their customers. The company’s move to Little Falls was sudden.

“I got a call from Kelly Gerads,” said owner Jamie Dickmann. “She was looking to buy into my company and wanted it to expand into Little Falls.”

Dickmann said Gerads, the general manager of Tuxedo Taxi, is well-known and well-liked in the Little Falls community, as she drove for Little Falls Taxi for many years.

“She takes care of her customers,” he said. “All she has to do is walk into a bar at night and people begin thinking about taking a cab home.”

Gerads said she is known as “everybody’s mom.”

Dickmann, who also owns Rum Runners Bar in St. Cloud, started his taxi service in St. Cloud because of his bar business.

“I first used a limo to take people home,” he said. “I got it licensed and a meter installed. Then I learned a taxi license is only for seven or less passengers. So I bought several vans and grew.”

Dickmann would like to start a limousine service in Little Falls and has plans to expand to different mid-sized towns in Central Minnesota.

tuxedo-taxi“Our mission is to give great service and to take care of our customers, making sure they get to their destination safely,” Dickman said.

Dickmann said that with stricter DWI laws, people are using cabs more often to get home from an evening out. He said there is growth in the business.

Tuxedo Taxi is available 24/7. To catch a ride, call (320) 360-8161.