Adequate minimum wage is crucial

To the Editor:

A Record editorial last week opposed raising the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour, using arguments advanced in 1949 that to do so suppresses hiring and wages, a claim largely disputed today.

Laughingly, it also uses the term, “excessive minimum wage,” when typically by the time a federal minimum wage increase is passed, it’s already “too little too late” and always comes with some equivalent gift to the wealthiest, always keeping them “one step ahead.”

Witness how Corporate America is so cash flush, it’s generating a new wave of antiworker/antidemocratic corporate mergers.

The editorial prefers the Earned Income Tax Credit for reducing poverty. Permitting workers to be underpaid (thereby forcing them to use this tax credit and government programs for survival) vastly expands and sustains business profits, made possible because government has “taken up the slack,” and is essentially a government subsidy to business.

Also, an adequate minimum wage is crucial because elites’ decades-long efforts to destroy labor unions have been so successful.

It’s stunning how elites and corporations who consistently criticize government policies which help workers survive are themselves such massive and neverending seekers and recipients of government largesse — lucrative contracts, advantageous laws, tax cuts, etc. — Donna Christianson, Little Falls