Bateman convicted of domestic assault for the third time

In the Seventh Judicial District Court of Morrison County, Justin James Bateman, Little Falls, was convicted Jan. 30, of one felony count of domestic assault.

On July 21, 2012, officers were called to a residence where a domestic dispute had previously occurred. The victim stated she and her boyfriend, Bateman, had been arguing when he grabbed her by her arms and threw her backwards, hitting her head on a piece of furniture.

When the victim left the room, Bateman followed and threatened to kill her and their unborn baby if she contacted the police.

The victim told police she was fearful for her life.

The police later found Bateman in Little Falls and he was placed under arrest. In a taped statement, he said his girlfriend was a liar and he never put his hands on her.

An examination of Bateman’s criminal record showed prior convictions for domestic assault in 2007 and 2008 and a conviction for making terroristic threats in 2011.

Bateman was sentenced to the Minnesota Correctional facility in St. Cloud for 21 months, stayed for 10 years. He was ordered to spend 30 days in jail, with credit given for the four days of time served. He was fined $135 and given 10 years of supervised probation.

Dismissed against Bateman was one felony count of making terroristic threats because he pleaded guilty to the felony domestic assault.