Bowlus man charged with removing items from foreclosed property

Brian Michael Peltz, 47, Bowlus, was charged Feb. 5, with one felony count of defeating security on realty in Morrison County District Court.

Peltz had a 10.75 acre farm foreclosed by the Freeport State Bank September in 2011. He and his wife continued to live on the property through the one-year redemption period.

In September 2012, the bank called the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office to inform them they would be taking over the property. When officials arrived at the residence, they allegedly noticed multiple items had been taken from inside both the main house and the modular home. Those items included the electrical box, water heater, lights, fire alarms, doors, countertops, sinks, toilets and the wood trim. The items totalling more than $33,000 in value, were covered by the mortgages and the bank had not given permission for the items to be removed from the property.

According to the criminal complaint, a former neighbor of Peltz said he heard noise coming from the residence a couple of weeks before Peltz moved out. He saw several trailers and Peltz hauling things in and out of the residence.

Investigations by the Sheriff’s Office led to a semi trailer, a storage shed and another residence, all in Morrison County, with items taken from the former Peltz residence.

Peltz allegedly admitted removing items from the foreclosed property, saying he was mad at the bank.

If convicted, Peltz faces a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and/or a $10,000 fine.