Biathlon at Camp Ripley open to the public Feb. 27 – 28

Camp Ripley is hosting the 29th annual Chief of the National Guard Bureau Biathlon Championships from February 23-28, 2013 on the Camp Ripley Biathlon Range.

“The National Guard Bureau Biathlon Championship brings together outstanding athletes from across the United States including one of our own Minnesota National Guard members Spc. Jake Dahlberg”, said Col. Scott St. Sauver the post commander for Camp Ripley.

The biathlon is an Olympic sport that combines cross-country skiing with marksmanship.  Skiers use a technique known as speed skiing to propel around a loop which leads to a firing range.  At the firing range they engage targets with a .22- caliber rifle and are awarded for accuracy or penalized with extra loops when they miss a target.  Ultimately, the skier with the fastest time and best accuracy wins the race.

The public is invited to Camp Ripley Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 27 – 28, to view the final series of races.  Admission is free and drivers on to Camp Ripley need only show a valid driver’s license at the front gate.  Transportation will be provided from the range control parking lot to the biathlon races.

For more information on the event, contact Maj. John Donovan at

(320) 616-2726 or [email protected]