Third degree murder charges dismissed against Christian Dahn in Gosiak death

Christian Dahn
Christian Dahn

Morrison County District Court Judge Douglas Anderson has dismissed third degree murder charges against Christian Dahn. Dahn had been charged with aiding and abetting Tonya Ashby and Brandon Bedford in activities that resulted in the heroin overdose death of Miranda Gosiak Feb. 28, 2012, in Little Falls. The case will continue on the charge of controlled substance crime in the third degree. “Bird” Mangun, the man who sold the heroin to Ashby and Bedford, is also charged with third degree murder.

Assistant Morrison County Attorney Todd Kosovich said he is disappointed by the ruling, but will continue prosecuting the drug charge.

“We knew all along that the murder charge against Dahn would be the most challenging for us. Although Dahn was with the others when the Heroin was purchased, he went to bed shortly after Gosiak arrived because he was ill,” said Kosovich.

As to the other defendants, County Attorney Brian Middendorf said, “The Judge’s ruling only applies to the case against Dahn. The cases against the remaining defendants will continue.”