What happened to ‘tax the rich’?

To the Editor:

I’m not rich. My farm clients aren’t either. Yet, if Gov. Dayton and his DFL allies succeed in St. Paul, we all will pay.

In the Dayton proposal currently being considered, I will have to charge dairy farmers 5.5 percent sales taxes for hoof trimming services. So, for every $1,000 worth of work, it will cost them an extra $55. That’s just my tiny portion of their expenses.

What about feed, chemicals and cleaning supplies, breeding costs, tractor and vehicle and equipment repairs. With multiple thousands of dollars of expenses, this extra 5.5 percent tax may mean the difference between profit and loss.

Unlike the “borrow and spend anyway” mentality of the government, our responsible farmers will simply tighten their belts and somehow spend less elsewhere (i.e. above mentioned businesses). Can anyone foresee job losses?

And this is just farmers. What about the other thousands of businesses we all interact with?

Remember the recent campaign mantra, “The rich ($250,000-plus) need to pay their fair share? I guess we all just became rich. Like many of you, politics is nearly the last thing on my mind nowadays. However, some e-mails or phone calls to St. Paul could stop this madness from becoming reality. — Ken Toenies, Randall