Upsala City Council Briefs

In business during the Upsala City Council’s regular Monday meeting, the Council:

• Learned a mock crash will be held for the Fire Department for training, April 25;

• Learned the Fire Department elected officers including: Jay Baggenstoss as chief; Frank Koopmeiners as assistant chief; Mikel Nelson, Jeff Czech and Nick Johnson as captains; Steve Hanson and Joe Trettel as training officers and Brian Lange as secretary;

• Heard Clerk Adrian Welle was having some difficulty with the Banyon Software which is used to send out utility bills. Welle reported he believed he had some of the bugs corrected and would continue to make corrections as needed;

• Approved the lease with Toning Plus for 2013 at a rent of $200 per month;

• Heard a report that the Planning Commission will continue to seek a solution to the smoke in town from the various wood burning implements;

• Agreed to have the deputy clerk work four to 10 hours a week as needed, at the salary previously set;

• Heard representatives from Congressman Rick Nolan’s office would be in town March 19 at 3 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Community Center; and

• Heard that the city’s audit was tentatively scheduled for March 18.

The next regular meeting of the Upsala City Council will be held Monday, April 1.