Electronic recording is not the enemy

To the Editor:

A friend and I recently became members of the West Side Improvement Association. At the second meeting we attended, March 5, the newly-elected board president told me that I was not allowed to audio or videotape the meetings.

I question why a nonprofit would object to an electronic record of their meetings. I find a video or audiotape useful when issues come up repeatedly, so that earlier discussion can be referred to, word for word. In fact, at a recent Sister City Committee meeting, the mayor asked if I could supply a DVD of the meeting that I was recording, for later review.

City Council meetings are videotaped for broadcast on Channel 6 for public information and as a record of the proceeding. New technology has proven very useful in establishing a record and providing information. This new tool should be appreciated by all, from the officials themselves to the private citizen interested in knowing more.

I believe my video and audio recordings help to keep people honest; also, when people know they are being recorded, it tends to keep the discussion on track. — Robin Hensel, Little Falls