In all but one township, if they ran, township incumbents were re-elected

While eight townships in Morrison County held their township board elections in November 2012, 22 townships held elections Tuesday. In all but one township, if an incumbent filed to retain their seat, they won.

Results received for each township include:

Agram: Eleven voters cast unanimous ballots for incumbent Supervisor Dave Meyer and Treasurer Leon Leidenfrost.

Belle Prairie: Supervisor Paul Nieman Jr. and Treasurer Shirley Waytashek retained their seats with 25 and 26 votes, respectively, with 28 voters casting a ballot.

Bellevue: Jerome Brezinka won the supervisor seat vacated by Randy Winscher with 26 votes , while his opponent Tom Gruber received 20 of the 46 votes cast. For treasurer, 43 voters cast a ballot and re-elected incumbent Marlene Hopwood with 42 votes. Kim Mrosla received one write-in vote.

Buckman: Incumbents Supervisor Gary Solinger and Treasurer Jane Funk were unanimously re-elected with 13 votes each.

Buh: Incumbents Treasurer Debra Meyer-Myrum and Supervisor Dale Sauer were re-elected by 19 voters, with 19 and 18 votes, respectively.

Culdrum: Incumbent Supervisor Robert Doucette ran unopposed and retained his seat receiving all eight votes cast.

Cushing: Eighty voters elected Lawrence Doschka to fill the three-year supervisor seat previously held by Jim Robinson who did not file. Kim Moffitt received 32 votes for the seat. Incumbent Treasurer Sheena DeZurik was re-elected with 72 votes.

Darling: All those casting a ballot re-elected Incumbents Treasurer Dale Nelson and Supervisor Roland Mammenga, each receiving all 19 votes.

Elmdale: Twenty-two voters unanimously elected Kenneth Abrahamson to fill the supervisor seat previously held by Duane Heurung, who decided not to run. They also re-elected Incumbent Treasurer Walter Beneke.

Granite: Incumbents Supervisor Jeron Kapsner and Treasurer Alan Welle were re-elected with 14 and 15 votes, respectively, with 15 ballots cast.

Green Prairie: Voters unanimously re-elected Incumbents Supervisor Roderick “Butch” Fietek and Treasurer Mary Hoover, who received 13 votes each.

Lakin: Ben Novak received 21 of 22 votes cast and was elected as a new supervisor, replacing incumbent Dave Barclay who did not file. Incumbent Treasurer Pam Weiss did not file, but received nine write-in votes, while Sue Virnig earned the seat with 11 votes.

Leigh: No one filed to run for supervisor or treasurer for the township, but eight voters unanimously wrote in Mark Brummer for supervisor. No votes were cast for treasurer, so the Township Board appointed Melvin Buessler as treasurer.

Little Falls: Incumbent Supervisor John Theis was re-elected with 46 of the 47 votes cast. Joann Sowada received 45 votes for treasurer and will fill the seat previously held by Adrian Sowada, who did not refile.

Motley: Six voters elected Incumbents Supervisor Susan V. Peterson for a three-year term and Treasurer H. Lannie Macheel for a two-year term.

Parker: Daniel Thilquist lost his supervisor seat by one vote, receiving six votes to his challenger, Michael Fritz’, seven votes out of 20 votes cast. Incumbents Treasurer Rebecca Dunaisky and Clerk Stephanie Scepurek retained their seats, with 20 votes each.

Pike Creek: Incumbent Supervisor Roman Witucki ran unopposed and garnered 39 of the 55 votes cast to retain his seat. Incumbent Treasurer Lisa Turner also ran unopposed and received 52 votes.

Platte: Of the 23 votes cast, Gerald Hayes was re-elected to his treasurer seat with 22 votes and Russell Tretter retained his supervisor seat with 20 votes.

Ripley: Incumbents Supervisor James Cole and Treasurer Patty Branchaud ran unopposed and were re-elected with 35 and 34 votes, respectively, with 36 ballots cast.

Swan River: Incumbents Supervisor Gerard Oldakowski and Treasurer Jim Krottoschinsky were re-elected, each receiving 41 of 45 votes cast.

Swanville: Fifteen voters unanimously elected Incumbents John Fruechte and Treasurer Peggy Bliese as well as Dave Cichon who filled a vacant supervisor seat.

Two Rivers: Incumbent Supervisor Richard Zabinski was re-elected with 28 of the 31 votes cast. Interim Treasurer Julie Mrosla, who had been chosen to fill a vacant seat, received 21 votes to retain that seat and her challenger, Cristy Lahr, received eight votes. Maxine Leners received one write-in vote for the seat.