Morrison County Sheriff’s Department

March 7 — A resident on 153rd Street, Pierz, reported a scam. A caller claiming to be with Medicare had the resident’s bank routing number and said they needed to verify the resident’s account number. The resident called Medicare and found out Medicare is not checking account numbers and would not use a phone to verify anyone’s information.

March 7 — A 3/4-inch breaker bar, a leather-type gun case and three five-gallon gas cans were reported missing from a barn on 225th Avenue in Pierz.

March 10 — The entrance door was damaged on a new storage building, as well as damage done to the sidewall next to the door. The building is located on West River Road in Little Falls.

March 11 — A business on Grouse Road in Little Falls reported someone pumped gas and didn’t pay for it.

March 12 — Someone stole a Playstation 3, some DVDs, gift cards and possibly some medication from a residence on 210th Avenue in Royalton.

March 12 — A resident on 150th Avenue in Little Falls reported several of their storage units had been broken into since December 2012.