Randall Fire Department responds to Enchanted Lakes home

The Randall Fire Department responded Tuesday morning to a report of a chimney fire at the Jason and Kimberly Brady home in Enchanted Lakes.

The fire trucks went out at about 1:20 a.m. but could not get near the home due to unplowed roads. The fire fighters had to hike approximately 200 yards to the home, carrying air packs, axes, tools, thermal imaging cameras and extinguishers.

Fire Chief John Kreuser said only the main artery, Camile Road, had been plowed and he learned that plowing the private roads in Enchanted Lakes was the responsibility of the landowners.

When the firefighters arrived, they found the chimney fire had been put out and that no one was hurt. The chimney was checked by the thermal imaging cameras to make sure.

“It seems that a drill bit had been left in the concrete of the chimney. When it got hot, it started the interior wall on fire,” said Kreuser.