2012 audit received and approved by Randall’s City Council

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

Randall’s 2012 audit was approved by the City Council Wednesday night. The numbers were presented by Mary Backlund from Schlenner Wenner and Company, certified public accountants with offices in Little Falls.

The city’s Sewer and Water Fund showed an increase in sales from last year of 4.42 percent from $141,786 to $148,786. Special assessments decreased by $5,237 (41 percent). Expenses remained nearly the same, leaving the net income at a negative $54,552.

Randall’s Natural Gas Fund had a 3.1 percent decrease in sales from $263,272 last year to $255,103, and a slight decrease in cost of goods sold of $1,490, leaving a gross profit of $102,605. The fund’s net income dropped from $55,000 to $36,000.

The Electric Fund had a gross profit of $71,596, showing net income after other expenses of $41,107.

The Solid Waste Fund showed a gross profit of $489, $164 more than in 2011. Adding in penalties and other income, the net income came to $3,400.

The 2012 Liquor Fund had sales of $576,862, a 7.37 percent increase from 2011. Cost of goods sold came to $377,839, leaving a gross profit of $199,023. After other income was added in and other expenses ($7,900 in capital assets) and depreciation deducted, the net profit was $12,506.

With outstanding debt, the city owes $65,000 for the Little Elk government obligation improvement refunding bonds from 2004; $200,000 in government obligation tax increment Financing bonds for the Aspen Ridge project from 2006; $300,000 in government Permanent Improvement Revolving Fund bonds from 2009 for the County Road 14 project; and $110,000 from the 2009 city hall project in 2009.

Randall’s General Fund showed a $90,154 increase over the budgeted amount due mostly to the transfer  of money from an Initiative Fund Grant and from the Liquor Fund.

The General Fund finished the year with a balance of $98,977.

Randall City Council briefs

Other business which came before the Randall City Council Wednesday night included:

• Approving a request from Lori Mueller for a donation of $2,500 which included $500 inkind use of equipment and manpower, to proceed with installing a disc golf course at Bingo Park;

• Voting to block off the parking area between the sidewalk and the railroad tracks from the south end of town to the VFW for the Friday, May 31, Ride for Hearing group which will be stopping at the VFW for lunch;

• Approving the city manager and the administrative assistant be able to perform electronic fund transfers for the city;

• Agreeing to keep the dog ordinance at a limit of two animals per family;

• Voting to have Administrative Assistant Angie Magee work with the Little Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau to obtain bike racks for Randall;

• Agreeing to donate $500 to the Darling/Green Prairie Park for beach maintenance;

• Discussing the delinquent utility customers and agreeing disconnect notices would be sent out;

• Accepting $1,268 for a recycle grant and $375 for clean-up day from Morrison County to offset costs involved;

• Agreeing that city employees could estimate meter readings for March if, due to snow, the meters are not easily accessible.

The next City Council meeting will be held at the Randall Fire Hall Wednesday, April 17, at 7 p.m.