Little Falls District may rezone complex

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

The Little Falls School District is looking into rezoning its school complex that contains Lindbergh Elementary, the middle school and the high school. It’s currently zoned as residential-three (R-3) which does not allow electronic message boards. Administration and the School Board is looking into changing to a non-central business district B-3 zone.

B-3 districts were added in 1974 when Highway 10 was rerouted around Little Falls.

The district did have an electronic sign located on First Street Northeast, but had removed it due to the city’s sign ordinance.

If the district is rezoned B-3, it may have three square feet of signage per front foot of lot on a right-of-way. Each sign cannot exceed 300 square feet and the total number of signs may not exceed 1,200 square feet.

The district will need to set up a public hearing before the property may be rezoned.

Jerry Lochner, Little Falls Public Works director, said that since the property butts up against other B-3 zones, it is a good thing; it won’t stand alone.

In another issue concerning zoning, the district is planning to erect a larger greenhouse on its property. Now, because it’s zoned R-3, it would need both permits and a conditional use permit to do so. If the district’s complex is rezoned B-3, it would still need permits, but not a conditional use permit.

The board members will view the options and vote at the next school board meeting.