Legislators asked to stand up for equality

To the Editor:

During the Minnesota House of Representatives committee hearings on HF 1054, a bill that would legalize marriage between any two adults in the state, former GOP Rep. Lynne Osterman wept while describing her “politically expedient” vote on the Defense of Marriage Act years ago. “I blew my vote,” she said.

I hope our current leaders don’t make the same mistake.

The gay marriage bills introduced have strong religious protections in them. No church would be forced to perform ceremonies for same-sex couples. Civil marriage would not be “redefined.” It would be expanded, allowing more people to join in the institution so many find integral to their lives. With the financial and social benefits of marriage, families led by same-sex couples would be strengthened and better equipped to raise children to be strong, healthy members of society.

Some Republicans seem willing to stand up for equality. Others are sticking to party lines or claiming they’re just following the will of their constituents.

Personally, I don’t vote for candidates expecting them to blindly follow anyone. They should be willing to stick out their necks, regardless of public opinion.

To our leaders at the Capitol: don’t blow your votes. You might regret it. — Jacob Devine, Little Falls