Foley man wanted for forging checks

Shane Martin Kristiansen, 35, Foley, was charged March 21, with one felony count of check forgery in the Morrison County District Court.

The Pierz police spoke with officials of a local bank who said a person came into the bank Feb. 27, and cashed a $321.15 check. The check was made out to Matthew Nelson and the suspect showed identification stating he was Nelson.

It was later determined the check was stolen from a mailbox. According to the owner of the mailbox, the check had been made payable to Verizon Wireless. According to the criminal complaint, the check appeared to have been “washed,” removing the name Verizon Wireless and replaced with the name Matthew Nelson.

Allegedly, the suspect has been cashing altered checks throughout Central Minnesota. Several law enforcement agencies have been working on the case and named Kristiansen as the suspect.

In a photo lineup, a bank employee was able to pick out the photo of Kristiansen. Another employee said the man had tattoos on his fingers that spelled out “rage.” Kristiansen allegedly has those tattoos.

A warrant for Kristiansen’s arrest was requested because he is a suspect in connection with a large number of forged checks in Minnesota. If convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.