Forcier charged for attacking a woman

A 25-year-old Little Falls man has been charged with second and fourth degree felony criminal sexual conduct and stalking, for attacking a woman on her way home from work.

Someone called 911 when they heard a woman screaming near Columbia Park in Little Falls, Sunday, March 24, about 3:23 a.m.

Little Falls police responded and saw a man tackle and get on top of a person. The victim was struggling and trying to get away. As the officer approached, the suspect got off the victim and began to walk away.

The criminal complaint said the officer ordered the suspect to stop, and when he did not, the officer pulled his weapon and repeated the order. The suspect stopped and was placed in custody. The suspect was identified as Brian John Forcier.

The victim told officers she was walking home from work and noticed Forcier was following her. She continued to walk on well-lit streets, but when she came to a dimly-lit street, Forcier allegedly forced her into a snow bank. He put his hands in the front of her pants and told the victim, “I just want to know you better.”

While describing the attack, the victim was upset and crying and told officers she was in fear for her life during the attack.

Forcier’s criminal record shows a conviction for felony harassing conduct (stalking) in Crow Wing County in October 2009.

If found guilty, Forcier faces a maximum penalty of 12 1/2 years imprisonment and/or a $17,500 fine.