Is the Bible unconstitutional?

To the Editor:

Sen. Petersen in a Record article from March 24, stated, “It’s OK to be somebody who has religious beliefs but also understands that the Bible, if you would try to code it into law, would be unconstitutional.”

Is he claiming the Bible is to be found “unconstitutional”?

How fast we forget where we came from. This country was founded on the principles of the Bible. Without this foundation we would not be enjoying the many freedoms we have today.

It’s amazing the excuses we come up with to justify a change in our behavior.

In football, when fans see an infraction of the rules they cry, “Foul.” Others sit quietly as the foul might stand to benefit them and the team they support. But the referee says, “After review of the play, the call on the field stands.” Everyone must accept the fact a rule has been broken and consequences follow.

The Bible serves as a manual on how to live our lives. It’s God’s word. There are consequences for trying to change or interpret it in ways to justify our behavior.

It’s hard for people to accept the truth. The truth is the word of God — the Bible. — Paul Kuske, Pierz