Keep good neighbors on the lake

To the Editor:

Auger’s Resort on Lake Shamineau is asking for a major change to its zoning classification.

An overwhelming majority of property owners on Lake Shamineau are opposed to the rezoning of their property from residential to commercial. Yet, on March 25, the Planning Commission met and 3-2 recommended a rezone of the resort’s trailer park to commercial.

The issue comes before the County Board of Commissioners Tuesday, April 9. We are confident the Board will listen to affected property owners, weigh the facts and reverse the recommendation of the Planning Commission.

The issues are land use and density at the resort. Increased congestion, road development and rooftops are causing ground water run-off. Studies show the lake’s water quality in that immediate area is deteriorating. We believe the Board will reach a higher quality decision and overturn the Commission’s hasty decision. To do otherwise would encourage the county’s seasonal residents to travel outside of the county for needs and services.

We think the Board will recognize the issues at stake in rezoning and will take an active role in preserving the county’s lake quality, maintaining the quality of life for its residents. We believe the Board will not rezone this property to a commercial classification. — Dale Williams, St. Paul, Morrison County property owner and six other lake property owners, taxpayers and residents