Shequen to spend 72 months in prison for assault

Randy James Shequen, 33, Motley, was convicted March 20 in Morrison County District Court of one felony count of second degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

On Sept. 16, 2011, the Motley police learned Shequen had shot another person Sept. 11, 2011. The victim was contacted by both the Motley police and the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office where the victim lived.

The officers were told Shequen shot him twice with a shotgun as he was riding away on his motorcycle from Shequen’s residence in Motley. The victim said Shequen was upset because the victim had not backed him up during a bar fight earlier in the evening.

The victim said he rode around the garage, hitting the side of the building which caused damage to both the building and the victim’s motorcycle.

He said Shequen was out of his mind and he believed he would have shot him dead if he had fallen.

During a search of the Shequen residence, officers observed motorcycle tracks, two white plastic shotgun wads and a white plastic shotgun shell plug on the grounds. The officers also found damage to the garage and broken glass with blood on it.

Shequen was located, placed under arrest and taken to the Morrison county Jail. There he admitted being with the victim, drinking and shooting at him when he left on his motorcycle. He told officers he was not trying to hit the victim, but only trying to warn him not to come back.

Shequen was sentenced to 72 months in prison, fined  $135 and was ordered to pay $2,352.31 in restitution.

Dismissed against She-quen was one felony count of second degree attempted murder. Assistant County Attorney Michael Chisum said that charge was dismissed because he pleaded guilty to the second degree assault. With a plea agreement, due to the facts of the case, the sentencing guidelines were doubled from the usual 36 months for a second degree assault.